Modeling and Simulation of Urban Traffic Network Using Enterprise Dynamics (Case study: the Sabzeh Meydan intersection in Qazvin city)

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The traffic problem is one of the greatest problems in today's life. Traffic imposes plenty of costs to people, and hence the need to provide solutions to improve it is necessary. In this paper, the traffic problem of one of the busiest passages in Qazvin city, namely Sabzeh Meydan intersection, has been investigated. After introducing the problem definition, the raw data collected from the environment will be explained. Using the data collected, a simulation model of the intersection is created in ED software. Lastly, two scenarios are designed to improve traffic conditions and reduce waiting time. To compare scenarios, both scenarios are modeled via ED. The results proved both scenarios are efficient. Given that the first scenario is costless and immediately applicable, it could be a better option in the short term; however, in the long term, the second scenario could be a positive alternative